The Lich (WIP) – Adventure Time Character

The Lich (WIP) – Adventure Time Character

Work in progress of my rendition of a 3D version of the character “The Lich” from the popular cartoon “Adventure Time”.

This version was started in 3ds Max and brought back and forth from Zbrush and 3ds Max through the GoZ pipeline. Higher poly details will be done in Zbrush and textured in Mari. The end result with feature the high-poly details baked onto the low poly mesh along with the diffuse, normal, specular, and subdermal maps for use with the subsurface scattering material.

To Do

  • Finish teeth / gum detail
  • Make cloak hood and crown
  • Add high-poly detail (rotting flesh, receding gums, rotting teeth, frayed edges, cloak folds, crown details, etc…)
  • Unwrap model
  • Paint textures in Mari / Photoshop combination
  • Bake high-poly details to low-poly model
  • Setup subsurface scattering material with all maps
  • Setup render