Amplified Current

Games, Mobile Apps
Amplified Current – Mobile Game Sole developer and programmer of the Android game “Amplified Current”.…

Acob – 2D Character Concepts

“Acob” 2D Character Concepts Character concepts and model sheet for the character “Acob”.    

Fault Site – Multiplayer Level

Fault Site – UDK Multiplayer Level Unreal Engine 3 multiplayer level made with the Unreal…

Vietnam Punji Trap

Vietnam Punji Trap Scene made in 3ds Max and rendered with the Nvidia Iray renderer.…

The Lich (WIP) – Adventure Time Character

The Lich (WIP) – Adventure Time Character Work in progress of my rendition of a…

Cityscape Level

3D, Games
Cityscape Level Concepts Scene made in 3ds Max and rendered with Mental Ray renderer.  …

A.R.M.S. – Astronaut Resource Managing System

3D, Mobile Apps
Awards Won at NASA Kennedy Space Center Awards won for A.R.M.S. at the NASA Kennedy…

SAP Fedem AR HoloLens

SAP Fedem HoloLens – SAP SAPPHIRE 2017 Conference The SAP Fedem HoloLens app is an…

Stratus VR

Mobile Apps, XR
Stratus VR Asymmetric VR and mobile customization and sales app framework developed for SAP. Connected,…

SAP Academy VR Tour

Training, XR
SAP Academy for Sales and Presales – VR Tour VR tour experience of the SAP…

Oculus Rift Maintenance Simulator – US Navy

Training, XR
Oculus Rift Maintenance Simulator – LSI Inc, IITSEC 2013 Built on top of the Unity…

Acob – Character Zbrush Sculpt

3D, Games
“Acob” 3D Zbrush Sculpt High poly Zbrush sculpt of the character “Acob” Low poly model…

CH-47F Cockpit Overhead Panel Simulator – US Army

3D, Training
Boeing CH-47F Chinook – Cockpit Overhead Panel Fully functional Cockpit Overhead Panel for the Boeing…

CH-47F Training Simulator – US Army

CH-47F Training Simulator – US Army Logistics Services International’s “VIE” US Army CH-47F electrical simulator,…

VECTR – NASA VR Training System

Training, XR
NASA VR training platform developed for Kennedy Space Center training and design reviews.