AR Simulation Tank

Augmented Reality Simulation Tank – Unity 3D and Webcam / IR camera support

I was the Technical Artist for a mixed reality physical and digital cabinet. I was responsible for the majority of programming and all environmental art. Saw project to completion.

Responsible for programming interaction between physical interactions through infrared camera and messages sent through remote port on connected PC. Interactions and AI programmed for interaction for Unity 3D engine.

Objects track through use of printed markers attached to real world objects. When markers are picked up by the webcam or IR cam, the corresponding object reacts accordingly.

The “Phydgital” (Physical + Digital) Simulation Tank was built into a cabinet with rear-projection video and infrared camera tracking from beneath the projection glass. Physical objects sitting around the cabinet had printed markers attached to the bottom. When the marker was pressed against the glass, the IR camera would pick up and track the marker in real-time and react accordingly. Each marker/object had unique reactions and properties.

The Phydgital Simulation Tank is property of Simiosys, Real World Laboratory


Project build, resources, and instructions for use

Download latest build here. Instructions for use included. Webcam or IR camera required for tracking.